Daniel Y. Harris Genealogy of Note



  • Paulette (Oppert) Fink (Grandmother, d. 2005) Member of the French Resistance and National Chairwoman of United Jewish Appeal
  • Yves Oppert (Grandfather, d. 1944) French army Lieutenant and member of the French Resistance, Maquis and Armee Secrete
  • Jacqueline Rouard (Great-Aunt, b. 1920) French Mime, student of Etienne Decroux and partner of Maximilien Decroux
  • Jacques Henri Dreyfuss (Great-Great Grandfather, d.1931) Chief Ashkenazic Rabbi of Paris, France
  • Gustav Solomon Oppert (Great-Great Uncle, d. 1908) Leading German Orientalist and Indologist
  • Julius Oppert (Great-Great Grandfather, d. 1905) French-German Assyriologist, Archeologist, Author, Professor
  • Ernst Jakob Oppert (Great-Great Uncle, d. 1903) German-Jewish Businessman, World Traveler, Author
  • Michael Samuel Gombrich (Great Ancestor, d. 1784) Franco-German Synagogue Builder and Banker in Strasbourg
  • Moyse Blien (Great Ancestor, d. 1754) Ammunitions Consultant to King Louis XV, and wealthiest Jew in 18th century France


  • Tracy L. Harris (Wife, b. 1968) Ph.D., Scholar, Professor, 19th century French Literature

Tracy L. Harris Genealogy of Note


  • Ze’ev Vladimir Jabotinsky (Great-Great Uncle, d. 1940) Zionist leader, author, orator, soldier and founder of the Jewish Legion in WWI


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